WHS Transcript Request FOR SENIORS ONLY (CLASS OF 2024)

WHS Transcript Request FOR SENIORS ONLY (CLASS OF 2024)
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"WHS Transcript Request- FOR SENIORS ONLY (CLASS OF 2024)"

This ONE TIME transcript fee of $10 covers ALL your transcripts needed for college applications! Important Step: Once this is paid for, be sure to continue to the student's SCOIR account and start adding colleges to your “Applying” or “Applied” columns. Once that is done, it will notify us to send those transcripts electronically and directly to colleges through SCOIR. Be sure to allow up to 10 school days for processing transcripts, so plan accordingly! WE WILL NOT BE SENDING OUT INITIAL TRANSCRIPTS TO COLLEGES UNTIL THE FIRST WEEK OF SCHOOL!

CURRENT STUDENTS (9th-11th) who need an “official” transcript contact: nancy.vogt@wayzataschools.org, polly.davidson@wayzataschools.org

If you have questions, call 763-745-6731 or stop by the administration office. Have a wonderful school year!

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